Connecting to a GKE Cluster Using KubeCTL CLI in Google Cloud Shell

Connecting to a GKE Cluster Using KubeCTL CLI in Google Cloud Shell

Mastering the usage of Kubernetes clusters, a popular method to manage your workloads and services, is an essential skill. In this tutorial, we'll walk you through how to connect to your Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster using KubeCTL CLI.

Step 1: Access Your GKE Cluster

First, you need to navigate to your GKE cluster. On the right side of the interface, you'll find a three-dot symbol representing available actions for your GKE cluster. Click on the 'Connect' option.

Step 2: Use the Cloud Shell

After copying the command, run it in the Cloud Shell. Wait for the Cloud Shell to initialize and open. If you're opening it for the first time, the setup might take a moment.

Step 3: Set the Project

Once your Cloud Shell is open, set your project by running the command gcloud config set project PROJECT_ID, where PROJECT_ID is your project's ID.

Step 4: Verify the Connection

To confirm that the connection was successful, run the command kubectl get nodes. This command should return information about the three worker nodes in your GKE cluster, verifying the successful connection.

Step 5: Check System Pods

Lastly, to view the system pods running in the kube-system namespace, run the command kubectl get pods --namespace kube-system. These are the workloads running inside your Kubernetes cluster. The same information can be viewed through the Kubernetes dashboard under the 'Workloads' tab.

By following these steps, you can successfully connect to your GKE cluster using Kube CTL from Google Cloud Shell. This ability to access, configure, and manage your Kubernetes clusters will provide you with effective control over your cloud resources.

The Fun Finale!

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